Paraplegic lift

Lift without car doors; have landing doors for safety, constant pressure is needed on the up /down buttons when moving between floors. Have a speed limit of 150mm/sec. Proximity switches are in the car door opening as a safety feature. This lift requires a shaft with a smooth finish. These lifts are best for persons in wheelchairs and very easy to enter with your groceries/parcels.


Model: Hydraulic , Electrical
Manufactured: Econo Home Lifts cc
Usage: Paraplegic lift
Capacity: 100 Kg – 1 000 Kg
Speed: 150mm/sec
Travel: Dependant on building
Stops: 2 – 5
Electricity supply: 220V 16Amp / 380V 25Amps


Type of drive 1: 2 Stop Hydraulic ram only
Type of drive 2: Multi Stops Hydraulic ram and rope
Type of drive 3: 2 Stop Direct acting cylinder
Position of drive: Bottom
Size of motor: 1.5Kw – 7.5Kw

Mechanical safety: 2 Stop , Rupture valve , Hydraulic overload protection , Hydraulic pressure relieve valve

3 Stops and up , Overspeed governor, Rupture valve , Broken rope device , Hydraulic overload protection , Roller captive safeties –brakes , Safety factor of six on rope, Slack rope device

Electrical safety: 2 Stop , Override limit , Overload protection , Proximity switches in door opening

3 Stops and more , Overload protection on motor , Override limit , Slack rope device , Proximity switches in door opening , Inverter backup system with batteries is available , Electrical cut out on over speed

Electronic Control: Relay logic with fault indicator light/ PLC with screen for fault display/ PLC with encoder


Call buttons: On stations
Press buttons:
In car , Constant pressure
Floor marks:
Depending on number of floors G,1,2, ect
Stianless steel with micro switch buttons


Shaft: Masonry shaft
Tower: Aluminium and safety glass clear
Cubes at floors: Aluminium and safety glass clear
Car: Width Dependant on shaft size , Dept , Height
Shaft: Width As per building , Length ,
Pit: Depth: 250mm- 400mm
Draining pipe: Yes, supply
Power plug: Yes, supply
Light: Yes, supply
Headroom: Height: 2 500mm under 3m travel , 2 800mm more than 3m
Travel Light: Yes, supply
Power point: Yes, supply
Features: Telephone , Emergency light , Emergency alarm , Handrail, Occupation Health and Safety Act plate
Floor display: Optional


Car: Melamine , Aluminium , Stainless steel Interior to client’s specification , Wood , Perspex , Carpet , Safety glass
Floor: Wood , Stainless steel , Carpet , Vinyl , Rubber
Ceiling: Stainless steel, Melamine , Wood , Dispersed glass
Handrail finish: Stainless steel, Epoxy coated stainless steel
Mirror: Optional


Landing doors: Automatic doors/ Manual swing doors
Door openings: Width: 1 200mm , Height 2 150mm
Landing door finish: Stainless steel/ Aluminium and safety glass- Colour option on aluminium
Openings: In line/ Double entrance/ Through car/ 90 Degree entrance
Locks: Electro mechanical


Guarantee: One year. We guarantee that the material used are of high quality and that we stay in the specifications given. We will repair any defects not due to ordinary wear and tear or improper use, which may develop within a year.
Maintenance: All guarantees become null and void if the installation is not serviced by Econo Home Lifts cc every 3 months.
Manufacturing: Depending on work schedule 10 Weeks
Installation: 4 – 8 Working days dependant on number of floors